Retreat Speakers

Keynote Speaker: Paola Brown

Paola will speak Friday morning and Saturday evening.
Topics: "The Medicine Holistic Mamas Have Always Wanted" on Friday morning
"How to Teach Your Children Holistic Living and Homesteading" on Saturday evening

Paola Brown is a wife, homesteading mama of three, and experienced homeopathy educator whose workshops, classes, and interactive online courses empower other moms and families to incorporate homeopathic principles into their lives. See her at

Aneladee Milne

Aneladee Milne is a 20-year home schooling veteran and innovative Mental Health Counselor leading in therapeutic interventions for woman and adolescent girls, she is a champion for addiction recovery and mental health causes using individual and supportive group therapies developed by her mentor, colleague and friend Maurice Harker at Life Changing Service. This unique, spiritual approach to healing and recover has helped over 1000 men, women and young men and women throughout the nation, fueling a small revolution of warriors who are learning to fight.

Aneladee's presentation:

Lost Connection - Studies show that many current mental health challenges are caused through lost connections. Learn about the brain science of connection,  how to change your brain chemistry, increase motivation and restore your vision for a bright future.

Katie Hansen

Katie began her journey teaching when she embarked on a path to teach her own children.   Her goal has been to learn how to teach in a Christ-like way to touch the hearts and minds of others.  That has involved her experience in Public Education and Bachelors degree in teaching and receiving a Leadership education over the last 23 years, teaching youth classes, serving on boards, mentoring with women in her community, and studying the Hebrew Way from the language itself.  This has led to her fulfilling one of her life-calls to assist in restoring our Original Culture & Story through Foundation Builder Guide’s original Hebraic sources study program & Facilitator Mentoring community.

Begin to see Hebrew in the scriptures without even knowing how to read in Hebrew! 
Katie will walk us through seeing the Hebraic circle-pattern she discovered in the scriptures and illustrate how it relates to one of the symbols of the original language.  This pattern shows us how to live, learn and become, thus laying the perfect foundation for our every-ry-day education, as well as giving vision for our entire life!

Tricia Kelly

From Tricia: "I am a mother to 10 kids, and grandmother of 1! I am a Jesus Chaser and being such I am very passionate about living the gospel to the fullest and in what I do as an IFS practitioner.  After my ten year battle with PTSD, anxiety and depression I can finally say, "I am on the other side and it is truly exhilarating to wake up knowing I get to help others feel the same way!!" Our true self may be hidden because of traumas or difficult experiences but it is not and never can be damaged or broken.  It is my mission to help reveal the divine nature or true Self in the lives of those around me."

Tricia will present on "Help! I need therapy! What next?"

Patti Rokus

Patti Rokus, the rock lady, can’t stop picking up rocks on her hikes throughout the Pacific Northwest. Being outside used to be about the trees, sky, and critters, but now it’s all about rocks, because they tell stories, which can be seen in her internationally published books, viral videos and kid tutorials. Children and adults all over the world are recreating her art with stones and pebbles of their own – deepening their connection to God and finding peace in our busy world.  As a recovering corporate product manager with companies like Nike and Microsoft, Patti knows what it’s like to feel too busy to prioritize what matters most. So, she left it all to release her inner artist and find ways to share her love for nature and the Creator. She’s committed to helping us reconnect to our source and find greater contentment. Her speaking engagements and digital art lessons are filled with rock art demonstrations and stories of unexpected serendipity that has led to a very unexpected life. She is also a singer/songwriter, a Christian, and a teacher of self-discovery.

Session Description:  Meaningful Nature Play - Rocks Tell Stories

Ever picked up a random pebble, or dug one out of a noisy dryer?  Me too!  Join me for an hour of meaningful play as we talk about how nature can bring us closer to our true selves, and to God.  I’ll show you videos of rocks and pebbles telling the stories of Jesus, and how to engage kids in a treasure hunt outside for their own rock collection, and how to tell their own stories with God’s free art supplies - the rocks and sticks.  My newest rock art book, Bible Stories Rock, will be given away to 5 people listening. Examples at

Kent and Amy Bowler

Kent and Amy Bowler are passionate about preserving and promoting family, freedom, and faith through better education. They have been homeschooling their seven children for 21 years. Four of their children are grown (two graduated from college, and two are currently pursuing their dreams). Kent and Amy seek to inspire their own children and grandchildren (three and counting…) as well as other youth and adults to become who they were born to be. They do this through their company, Revolutionary Heroes, as trainers for LEMI, and in their community and family. Kent received his MBA from BYU and is a successful entrepreneur, awesome dad, and avid cyclist. Amy also graduated from BYU and enjoys reading, mentoring, and playing games with her family. They are ever-grateful to the Lord for days full of learning, hard work, challenges, tears, and above all, lots of love and laughter.

The Bowlers' topic: "How to Create More Connection in Your Home, Even if You're Tired"

Celestia Shumway

Celestia and her husband have 7 children and 2 grandsons. After graduating from BYU with a science degree, she left her full-time job at the U. of U. medical school two weeks before her first child was born to be a stay-at-home homeschooling mom, which she's been doing for 28 years. She loves to write, play board games, visit with friends, and read aloud picture books. She blogs at

Celestia will speak on the following topics:

"Less Stress Homeschooling with Faith and Fun"

"Two Small and Simple Things to Build Your Physical Health"


Kristen Chevrier

Kristen Chevrier wrote her thesis and received her Master’s degree in English, from Brigham Young University, while expecting her third child.  She has taught writing, literature, history, and theater, professionally, while also homeschooling her five children. She has chronicled her homeschooling experience on her blog,

Kristen has been a family and parental rights activist for over 20 years, and has served in Utah Republican leadership for more than 10 of those years–both of those because she is passionate about educating and empowering the electorate.

Kristen will speak about "How to Protect Your Child's Health Freedom"


Tamara Laing

Tamara is a Rapid Eye Technician. She delved into the energy healing world after traditional methods of healing failed to help her daughter's mental illness. As the author of three books, she helps people everywhere understand the gospel connections of energy healing.

Her three books are:

Healing Arts -- A Gift From God, LDS Insight to the Light of Christ and Energy Healing

An LDS Approach to Energy Healing

Spiritual Repatterning of Abuse

Tamara's topic for the retreat:

"The Energy Healing Controversy"


Angie Law

Angie Law is the founder of a non-profit organization, Angie's Option GRM (Grass Roots Movement). Since 2004 she and her husband have been teaching community classes all over North America and Europe. They have a weekly newsletter, weekly podcast and monthly webinars. Because of Angie's former debilitating health concerns, where she nearly lost her life at the age of 38, she has been compelled to provide exposure to a unique option most people have no idea exists. Angie is the mother of 6 and grandmother of (soon to be) 26. She has enjoyed them all in robust health as she hasn't been to a doctor now for 20 years!! Her husband tells the science behind her healing story in his book There's An Elephant in the Room: Exposing Hidden Truths in the Science of Health.

Join her as she speaks on two topics:

"My Story: How My Life Was Spared--

What is Glycobiology and How Can it Impact Your Life Too!"

"Making the Swap: Eating Healthy Doesn't Have to Taste Bad to Be Good for You!"


Allie Duzett

Allie Duzett is a teacher, speaker, author, and practitioner in the fields of heath and wellness, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition. She has a passion for exploring the power of human consciousness and self-awareness, and offers a variety of programs and courses supporting personal development. She delights in helping others to massively expand their own intuition so they can heal themselves and their families on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level.

Allie will speak about "The Return of Pluto and Preparing for Christ's Second Coming"

In Abraham 3, God tells Abraham that the stars are the "governing ones" and teaches Abraham to read the stars--and then commands Abraham to teach other people that knowledge. Today, some people still study what God is speaking through stars, through a Christ-centered perspective. We will look at what is going on with the stars TODAY and what it means for the earth, the United States, and for YOU. 

Bonita Sutton

Bonita loves her day job as a librarian. But by mid-day she relishes her grandbaby, her cute hubby, and usually causes much mischief. She has loved the journey of homeschooling her four boys. She has homeschooled with the intent of wanting her boys to know that God has a plan for them. You can see the "High Scholar Planner" she designed, being used by teens all over the country, at

Bonita's topic:

Holistic time management for your teen. Learn the three time management systems that will bring inner peace, meaningful relationships, and get your teen closer to God.

Mary Ann Johnson

Mary Ann is a family connection expert. Her book Becoming a Present Parent teaches the art of being present despite the busyness of life. Currently, she posts once a day on Facebook and publishes an article a week at, while being a full-time caregiver to her mother, husband, and granddaughter. She and her husband Don have seven grown children, seventeen grandchildren, and one great-grandson.

Topic: "How to Create a Love of Learning in My Home, Even Though I'm Not Perfect"

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